Waning Moon of the Week End of winter and beginning of spring

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The end of winter ends on the last new moon after the winter solstice. During this week, the moon will enter its new moon phase, linked with the beginning of spring.

The thaw begins, temperatures rise, the day is slowly getting longer and the nights shorter, the earth is preparing to give birth, time will seem faster and, that's right, the days and nights move quickly.

It is the week of anxiety, the New Year has begun, with the New Year of the rabbit of Chinese culture, new resolutions are melted, but disappointment also arrives, many of the wishes will change and, probably, some things will not they turn out as expected.

Scant menstruation, almost without symptoms, but of great strength to «Renew» the sensitivity will be greater, therefore, the irritability will be greater. It will be a week where many drops will overflow the cups, conflicts and discussions, intolerance, secrets that emerge, just as the renewal of life is born.

Week of storms, abrupt changes in weather, which affect the hormonal changes that occur, melatonin disappears, while serotonin increases, this will cause feelings of discomfort, discomfort, narcosis, to increase, as well as fatigue and decay .

In fact, you may feel that you are not there or cannot accommodate yourself, these are the changes that your body perceives, but your reason ignores it.

A good time to make offal, what is useless, both mentally and physically, is the time to tie up memories, situations from the past, whatever they are, are in yesterday, whatever you do, you will not be able to change them, it is best to forget .

Care must be taken with the pulmonary system, the thaw produces conditions, flu, rhinitis, general malaise, headache, cough, nausea, etc.

During the new moon phase, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, landslides, snow avalanches, etc. can occur.


It is the best time to talk, settle conflicts, make applications, ask for loans (Think carefully, interest is very expensive) Legal processes increase this season.

magically recommended

  • Take out, broken and old shoes
  • disused old clothes
  • Torn or old sheets
  • Damaged crockery, broken pots
  • towels, old
  • Check the kitchen, junk and old accumulated must be removed
  • It is important that all the drains, siphons, showers, sinks, and dishwashers are uncovered, if they are covered, they block the energy of everyone in the home.
  • Remember, if you see worms, they are not worms, THEY ARE LARVAE and, contrary to assuming witchcraft is good luck, pick them up, DO NOT BURN THEM, take them out of your home. This means that there is good energy in your home, no insect spawns, where their young die. It is spring and they are born by millions.
  • Likewise, if you see large black butterflies, they are not bad luck, they are moths that migrate, fly very high, some fall due to exhaustion.
  • It is the beginning of spring, many insects can appear, some like spiders, butterflies, moths, flies, larvae or worms and others, not everything is witchcraft.

Sometimes signs appear, for that keep the book at hand,

Signs of Witchcraft and Cons


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