How to succeed in 2023

Jan 12, 2023

A power over all powers

The will, discipline, perseverance and luck are the factors that attract success, the first three depend on the "attitude" luck depends on magical knowledge.

This is produced by recognizing the "moment and impulse" when it is appropriate to act and when to pause.

The cycle of the rhythm of life is governed by the seasons, lunar phases, mental energy, influences, colors, aromas, sensations, that forms the magic and from there the seed of luck emerges.

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At first it is considered as a punishment or tragedy, but, in the magical and business world, solitude is the best option to obtain luck and keep it, something complicated at first.

It is in this state where, without the inference of emotions, it is possible to plan the destiny, by not having external influence, suggestions, impositions, etc., clear processes are defined, clairvoyance or clairvoyance is born.

In doing so, obstacles, barriers are defined, secondary plans are created to achieve a single objective. It is a spell between omens and omens.

Remember a single objective, if you originate two or more destinations, projects or goals, rest assured that you will not achieve any, luck will not nest.

You are an artist of your life, painter, sculptor, architect, designer, etc., you cannot produce two paintings at the same time, nor make two models.

In his solitude he recreates and shapes, having that clarity, solitude breaks and begins the constructive process or materialization, taking his mental creation to the physical world.


By having everything clear and before beginning the material work, magic is attracted, through the rituals that print that energy in the project, the phase of the moon and the season.

  • What does your project smell like?
  • What is the color of your idea?
  • What is its taste, sweet, sour, sour?
  • Is the destiny you have built clear, bright, dark, dense?
  • What is the nature of your goal, animal, insect, flower, stream, sea?

Normally, you never think about this, that is the magic of luck, uniting all the elements that will give life to your creation, everything has a secret fragrance, a shape. That is "animating" his work, giving it soul and body.

Without the magical knowledge of luck, things imagined and taken to the material plane have no soul, are empty, colorless, smellless, or shaped, they are stillborn.


Success as such does not exist, neither does failure, but they are momentary achievements of a strange balance, which oscillates between the two extremes, the absence of luck annuls that rhythmic movement.

Luck maintains the balance, allowing both failure and success to harmonize in perpetual motion, one driving the other.

To understand how this works and put it into practice, this book in just 21 days will transform your life.

Only for those who escape from the limiting laws and enter the world of the domain of power over the laws.

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