Talks with Death: The Value of Life

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Near-Death Experience, Probably, this book has come to you in a peculiar way, the law of the cause; when you finish reading it, you are free to do what you please with it; if you consider it has served you well, send thoughts of gratitude and love to whom brought it into your hands. This is just a talk with death, something that you might even be afraid to think about, someday, certainly, you will have to face. It will be up to you to become a sower of life...

Once you’ve finished reading it, if you consider the book did nothing for you, we kindly ask you to leave it somewhere; there is no doubt it will attract a soul that will value it. If you get to the end, and you wish 
become a sower of life, such act will transcend in you incarnations.

At the end of the path of life, when you are face to face with death, there shall be a judgment, where the most important thing is: What did you not do in life, having had the chance to do it?