Book Wicca Secrets Rituals of Magic and Witchcraft

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In the lost universe of the magical knowledge of witches and wizards, mysterious beings of the Fairies world, WICCA is born, the old religion, the worship of nature, a hidden power, condemned and pursued, full of strange phenomena and incredible portents, the world of MAGIC. The hidden forces of the great Sabbats the power of the Esbats on moon nights, the liberation of women as a powerful mother, wise and witch. The preparation of old recipes that transform life, cure or get sick, attract or repel, waning and growth, the whole set of existence altered by magic.

The secret knowledge of sects, emperors, kings, businessmen, who sought in the magic secrets of witchcraft the power of triumph. After the time of darkness now the old religion is reborn, through this book is the door of the beginning of the path of the witch and the wizard in the knowledge of divination, the spell or reading of luck, secrets to transform the useless invaluable, know the natural cycle of

mutations and the changes of the seasons.

To discover the lunar force and its influence, to open the doors of the parallel world of the spirits and elementals, in this book the first letter of the path to the initiation in magic is trapped, who follows the steps of magic will surely find the power to create and transform destinies .... a magic book for magic people.

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