Sacred Candles of Time: Your Spiritual Compass
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Immerse yourself in the mystical power of the Sacred Candles of Time and discover a deep spiritual connection. These special candles act as a guide to maintain stability, inner peace and overcome challenges in your life.
Each candle has a unique purpose. The White Candle radiates a calming energy that promotes emotional stability and inner peace in times of turmoil. On the other hand, the Black Candle helps to face and overcome challenges, providing strength and protection against adversity.

Imagine how these sacred candles can become your spiritual compass, illuminating the path to balance and self-improvement. Bask in its warm, soft glow, as you connect with your intuition and trust in the power of time to heal and transform.
Acquire the Sacred Candles of Time and experience their transformative power. Light them in times of spiritual need, meditation or simply to create a calm and welcoming environment. Additionally, you will receive a Magic Bracelet included, which will remind you of your connection to the power of time and provide protection and balance in your daily life.

Make Sacred Time Candles your spiritual companion and discover the depth and magic they can bring to your life!

Customer Reviews

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Angela Castrillon
Completamente sanadora

Mil gracias,por toda su orientación,es sencillamente mágico y sanador del espíritu.

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