Black candles set 2

Black candles set 2

Black candles set 2

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Black candles shine light in the dark.

They are used as energy channels and have the virtue of making thoughts materialize. When you work with black candles and you want to combine them with other colors, you will have to do it with a round mirror, but if you only use black it is not essential.

The color black is powerful, capable of directing and redirecting any energy you send it. Black is the color of the extremes. It's the quiet peace of the middle of the night and the fear you feel in a room with no light. Black candles are a versatile magical ingredient that can do just about everything from damage to heal to banish to ward. There are powerful spells you can do using a simple black candle.


  • Do not leave burning candles unattended
  • Never place candles, under beds, inside drawers, smooth surfaces.
  • Never light candles near curtains, doors, garbage, etc.
  • Never light a candle if you have or are close to alcohol on your hands or flammable products.
  • Never allow children or disabled people to use Fire.
  • Whenever you light a candle, do it inside a deep dish where there is water, in this way when consumed the excess paraffin does not ignite.
  • Never blow out a candle, outside of being unlucky it is dangerous, use a candle snuffer for this.
  • Excess wax should be discarded, in the event that it remains
  • Don't play with Fire, respect it

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