Egyptian Candles of Protection

Egyptian Candles of Protection

Egyptian Candles of Protection

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Discover the power of the Egyptian Protection Candles, and transform your life by attracting love, fortune and success. These mystical candles, inspired by the ancient wisdom of Egypt, will allow you to master the energies of the universe and open the doors to a world of possibilities. 🕯️✨

Created by the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt, the Egyptian Candles of Protection They are much more than just decorative objects; they are the key to unlocking your potential and protecting your life from negative energies. Take advantage of the magic of Isis, Neit, Nephthys and Selkis, and become the master of your destiny.

What are they for?

They are the power of life, whoever possesses them will have in their hands the representation of the most sacred objects of the magical cult, as well as thousands of years of accumulated energy from the magical world. They are not just decorative objects, they are the bridge that unites the spheres of the highest vibrations of the earthly domain.

How are they used?

the four forces

Amset: Protected by the goddess Isis. Protection magic, luck and wisdom. It is the highest candle, with the headdress of the goddess.

Happy: Protected by the goddess Neit, material multiplication, peace and happiness, abundance. The candle of the god Horus, with the beak of a falcon.

 Kebeshenuef : Protected by the goddess Nephthys. Family, love, health and wealth. The pharaoh of power and dominance.

 Duamutef : Protected by the goddess Selkis. It gives strength and power to rituals, the world of magic, the underworld and the afterlife. The sacred candle of Ra.

Light these candles on full moon nights and connect with the cosmic forces that surround you. Attract love, health, abundance and peace into your life, and keep your energies in balance to achieve true happiness. 💖🍀

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