Genius of Health Candle
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Diseases have various causes that generate them, either due to external influences or internal alterations, which affect the entire organism, remembering that this is systemic, which means that a certain condition can generate symptoms in different parts of the body. Outside of physical and mental illnesses, there are energetic illnesses caused by altered emotional states, changes in the bio-energy field, false or imposed illnesses, destructive suggestions, infestation of parasitic energies, such as:

  • Sexual relations with emotionally disturbed people
  • Having sex in energetically infested places
  • visit funeral homes
  • Interact with toxic people
  • Stormy emotional relationships
  • Being under the influence of witchcraft
  • Living in haunted or cursed places
  • Possess or have possessed haunted objects
  • Having been marked or marked sexually
  • Being under the influence of a spell or spell
  • Having shared with people who have the black cloud, they are people who accumulate problems, they become victimized by everything, they do not progress, at the beginning they seem elegant, kind, noble, but they end up causing pain and suffering, very difficult to distance them.
  • Working in hostile environments with bad luck, where everything goes wrong.
  • Sharing, living or visiting homes where energies are altered or where there is arguing, shouting, fighting, often causing constant suffering.
  • Using or having used, objects and clothing borrowed from, or belonging to, the dead.
  • Using or receiving gifts of failure, couples divorcing, businesses liquidating, houses destroyed.
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