Lunar Goddess Candle - For rituals of the Moon Phases

Lunar Goddess Candle - For rituals of the Moon Phases

Lunar Goddess Candle - For rituals of the Moon Phases

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In the universe of magic, the force of nature represented in the moon and the menstrual cycle in women. Unlimited energetic power, a cyclical sequence, where energies take shape through magic.

Since ancient times, the Greeks have understood this series of influences, defining them as the power of the fifth element or the goddess of magic.

A direct relationship with fertility. This is how the woman's menstruation, during the full moon and new moon phases, radiates the force of creation and multiplication.

How to use it?

As a complement to the book, the Fifth Element and the power of the menstruation, as well as the rituals that appear in the other books, by lighting the candle during the menstrual period, the energies increase, being channeled towards the desired end.

The mere act of lighting the candle in the kitchen, in itself, drives away bad energies and destructive influences, by doing so, allows luck to return.

The candle must be burned during the Plenilunio or Novilunio menstruation.

For non-menstruating women

The absence of the period, for whatever reason, menopause, hysterectomy or others, contrary to reducing the power of women, frees her from cycles, which is why witches who do not menstruate have more power. By stopping the cycles, the energy is harmonized, it will depend on the emotional state of the woman, to channel that fullness.

Wisdom, willpower, serenity, strategy, discretion, are virtues that come with the absence of menstruation, wise witches, guides, matchmakers, accomplices, discreet lovers, businessmen, card readers, counselors, connoisseurs of rituals and secrets.

That is what the woman who stops menstruating has, the candle of the goddess or sacred fire increases that power.

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