Candle God Bread for fortune

Candle God Bread for fortune

Candle God Bread for fortune

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  • The sacred God Pan, the strange being, who represents nature and its changes, is the owner of treasures and is the king of gnomes and goblins. (Pan for the Greeks is the original god, the Romans copied it and called it faun).

    It happens that the god Pan from where Pantheism is born, the religion of witches and
    wizards, it pleases the one who invokes it, it is drawn to protect.

  • The god Pan is trapped in this beautiful candle, when he lights it, he is attracted to his
    home, you will be able to feel his presence, good fortune events, good news, somehow he gives signs that he is there.

  • This candle should be burned at least once in each season, if something bothers you, just look for it

  • for benefits, but never gratitude.

    Something that those who use magic should take into account.

  • The sacred candle of the god Pan, place it inside a deep plate or soup, paste it first and then add water to the feet of the image.

  • Allow the candle to burn out completely, then try to interpret the wax that remains on the plate, turn it slowly, search within the figures that speak to you, observe more with your heart than with your reason.

  • The candle wax should be disposed of with respect, that is, give it to nature.
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