candle god mandrake
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  • The mandrake is the plant of fertility, of the power of magic, abundance, well-being, the attraction of angelic energies, when it is used for well-being, but it is the same if it is about evil, the scream it produces It comes to torment, that's why the witches say, "with the mandrake you must know how to use it."
  • For good or for evil, this plant is the ally of all magic elaborated to obtain a special favor, in ancient times its special power was already known, in the kingdom of light and also in darkness, every wizard or witch uses it. has used for his ritual to achieve.
  • This sacred candle of the protector of the earth, the mandrake has delivered in a very special candle, used for fortune, forbidden love to attract happiness.

    The goddess Demeter the mandrake created a god for her protection Triptolemus, he is the one who allows her to deliver her magic, this god trapped in a candle, prayed by the goddess Hecate, has the power, of whoever lights it on the day of mercury at the time From the sun, fertility, abundance, power and magic you will obtain.
  • When fortune and luck are required to attract, light this candle where the sun can see it, you will see astonished how the desired arrives and you will have great power for a few days, use it wisely for a lunar month, God will lend you his power.

    You must already know what its quality is, attract luck and prosperity, be careful if you think about evil, if you want to do harm perhaps you can achieve it, but think three times what happens if that evil is returned to your home.
  • Every time you light this candle, and think calmly, only good things will come to your life.
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