Shadow Candle - for when there is bad luck

Shadow Candle - for when there is bad luck

Shadow Candle - for when there is bad luck

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  • When things get complicated and doors close.
  • When evils arrive, illnesses, problems , sufferings.
  • When luck is lost and everything is confused.
  • When you feel that there are bad influences.
  • When you have had problems with other people, and you feel bad energy radiating from you.
  • When you feel that you have been bewitched, or there are signs that something is acting against you.
  • When death has appeared in your life.
  • When business, work, fortune, has dissolved and difficulties arrive.
  • When love has given way to heartbreak and wisdom is required to act .
  • This magical candle has extraordinary implicit powers, the shadow candle has no face, it is its face, the Sigils or sacred seals strengthen the forces of creation and protection, it is the warrior or warrior who is ready to fight for their desires.   

    It is used precisely in moments of bitterness, when everything becomes difficult, when the paths narrow and there are no exits, when luck has fled and everything is confused leading to chaos, when there is no planting that can be harvested and life it is barren and empty.

    When sorrow, anguish and torment arrive, it is when the shadows suddenly transform the new lives that are born in the perpetual silence of darkness, it is that light that comes on as the new option, it is the creative power at its best, before the world existed, the shadows already existed in the perpetual night creating light and life.

    Similarly, shadows renew existence.

    Lighting the candle, concentrating your mind on what you want to change, being honest with your request, remembering to get great power so you must be very clear and sure of what you want.

    Also lights up when writing in the Book of Shadows 

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