Gargoyle Candle - For when there's a bad streak
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When it is perceived that the energies have changed and these in turn change life, the flow of existence is altered, problems and difficult situations arise without a reason, when a bad streak comes , you must have protection, the sacred gargoyles They are enchanted by the decrees of the witches, if you use them wisely , harmony will come into your life, warding off evil.

After burning it, you must appease enemies, be careful with friends, know how to conserve money, if you do not do what is recommended, you must always think that evil will return in time.

Chimeras, with apotropaic power *

  • Magical power of defense and protection from destructive energies, spirits, entities of the dark world, a force against the destructive forces that govern aerial, aquatic, terrestrial and igneous mobiles, operations used in all magic as well as in many religions to combat specters of the underworlds, in a similar way, witches and magicians versed in the arts, use them in staffs, wands, staffs, candles, clay figures, with the intention of neutralizing the harmful energies emanated by rituals, influences, curses, decrees, spells or negative feelings such as grudges, envy, jealousy, desire for evil, gossip or destructive comments.

Every gargoyle or chimera must be conjured through the rituals that consecrate it and activate its power, either to protect or to create an influence over a place or a person.

These secret spells are performed during the new moon nights of special dates along with the weather, rain, storms, thunder, lightning, summer night, as well as additional elements.

It is recommended to avoid a fire, do this ritual in a discreet way, you must be attentive to the signs that may appear in dreams or in daily living situations, remember any event is a response.

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