Anubis candle
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Light the Anubis candle, being careful not to start a fire, remove items that are flammable, it is recommended to put the candle inside a deep plate,
on top of the candle, add water, this also allows you to read in the wax
melted the future

While the candle burns out, contemplate the flame of the candle, remove from your being all the
blocks, imagine what you want to leave your life, fill yourself with energy
enterprising and give your life true value and from this moment on
resolve to live fully.

You must keep in mind that these protection energies remove from your existence what should not be in it.
In the same way, be attentive to the signs that the changes show you, if something does not turn out as you wish, first evaluate if it really suited you, do not assume things, allow the energy to flow, but, you will always have your freedom to act, if perform acts or expect protection from situations that you know you should not perform, energy without
It will certainly help, but you must be aware that in everything you do,
assume the consequences.

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