Witches Ointment

Witches Ointment

Witches Ointment

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What is it?

In ancient times, witches, hidden in their kitchens, prepared what they needed to survive. There were no doctors or anyone to help when the disease arrived, they had to have, how to heal the sick, alleviate wrongs or heal the soul when evil arrived without warning.

In Greek culture, the goddess Panacea was the one who discovered using sacred plants, animal fats, and tree bark to heal.

When the fats were melted with the fire of power, the ointment, the cream of power, remained. Witches and wizards knew which plants did good.

Thus, mixing and testing, conjuring and praying, they began to heal, not only the diseases of the body, but also those of the soul that cause so much harm.

Looking at nature when the disease comes more, in winter or in summer, people get sick, the witches brought the cold and the heat, they made the ointments that are the solution, cold and heat, they calm pains, avoid irritations and with its fragrant aroma stimulates reason.

Over time they realized, as the goddess Panacea discovered, or the father of medicine Hippocrates also spoke of this, that a sick mind, the body has to get sick, that there are energies that can alter everything. Witches' ointments cure something else, false evils or negative influences, which nothing can calm.

Two sacred ointments must be used, to maintain balance and harmony, the mind and body must be at peace.

There are discomforts that are not of the body, but of the soul. Sadness, deceit and depression. Anger, hatred, heartbreak, anguish, suffocation and disappointment make the body sick and cause pain. This is when ointments can help soothe what is wrong.

Warning! This magical product. It does not... replace medical treatments, it does not replace, nor is it intended to, a visit to your health service in the event of any symptom. Your health is your responsibility, although it is a help, you must be aware that, first: before thinking about magical influences, you must consult with a doctor who will analyze your state of health. It's his responsability.

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Sonia brea goris

Maravillosos,tanto el de fuego como el de agua. Se los recomiendo,se nota el cambio de vibración a los pocos minutos.

Maria Santoyo

Ungüento de las Brujas: Sabiduría Antigua para el Cuerpo y el Alma

Esmeralda Baltazar

Muy buen producto me encanta, por eso lo compré dos veces mil gracias

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