Ophiuchus: Tianlong Amulet

Ophiuchus: Tianlong Amulet

Ophiuchus: Tianlong Amulet

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tian long

The Heavenly Dragon天龍



NOTE: Since it is obsidian, you must be careful not to drop it as it can break, the use and responsibility for the life of this sacred amulet is up to you.

What is it?

Tianlong , in Chinese culture "The Celestial Dragon" Celestial Nāgas that protect humanity, surround the great wisdom of the Pa Kua with power, an ancestral symbol that contains the knowledge of Chi, and the power of the I-Ching hexagrams.

In the Chinese tradition, this sacred symbol captures the ancient magic of the Blue Dragon called Seiryū represents the abundance of spring, protector of wealth and fortunes, ally of the winds, the one who fulfills wishes.

Since the existence of Paoxi or Fuxi, "The Great Jade Emperor" bearer of all magical secrets, he left the eight hexagrams of philosophy.

The entire set carved on obsidian has the attributes of ancestral power, a magical jewel, whose vibration radiates through whoever owns it, this allows us to obtain that extraordinary intuition to make decisions wisely, at the same time that it attracts the forces of luck and the wealth.

What is it for

Together with the other elements it becomes a sacred amulet, to attract the vibrations of energies or Chi, of growth in fortune, it has been used by emperors, magnates, philosophers, anyone who opens the doors of the world of magic to obtain the frequencies of success, progress and well-being.

what magic does it have

Being accompanied by magic, he obtains the strength of a powerful amulet, for this he impregnates himself with the magic potion Amonfaco, "The power that radiates abroad" this It is done by applying a drop every night of the full moon, the content lasts as long as you need to unify it with your vibration.

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