Book Law of the Inverted Effect and Law of Attraction of the Similar: The Laws of Magic
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The Laws of Magic

The way of thinking, the way of imagining is contrary to desires, sometimes everything tends to go the other way, you want, you fight in pursuit of a goal, but everything is contrary to desire.

The mind works differently from reason, it is governed by other laws that apply differently in the mental plane to the physical plane.

The Law of the Inverted Effect, is the one that relates the art of imagining and acting in a contrary way, in this way, desires, goals, desires, are obtained as desired, but you must know the techniques of thought.

Sometimes it occurs involuntarily, when you are sure or convinced that something will happen, you get the opposite.

By knowing the techniques and the application of this law, the way to act and influence the mind and physical events is discovered, by denying the opposite is obtained, by affirming the opposite is obtained.

It is the reason why, by assuming something that has not been done, you end up getting the opposite.

Through this magic treatise, the necessary bases are given to understand how the law works, and the way to master it, which results in a better way of imagining.

Each person in some way recognizes it at some point in their life, but ignores how it is the correct way to use the law in their favor and not against it.

This document opens the doors to another concept of mental action, without a doubt the application of this ancient knowledge allows us to discover the power of thought.

Law of the Inverted Effect, a supreme power ignored but effective.

Title Law of the inverted effect
ISBN: 978-958-839-1403
Publisher: Wicca
Author: Omar Hejeile Ch.

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Alvaro Rodriguez

Me parecen súper bien es una enseñanza extraordinaria

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Muy buenos y entregas rápidas

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