Book The Phases of the Moon - The Magic of Selene

Libro poderosa influencia de la Luna en tu vida Luna Wicca

Book The Phases of the Moon - The Magic of Selene

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The Moon has always powerfully attracted attention, its influences are perceived in all of nature, regulating, transforming, changing.

The lunar phases generate different alterations not only on the planet but also in the psychic field, making the decisions made more or less assertive.

The power it exerts over the weather, tides, wax and wane, affects all aspects of life, from health to the economy, although the knowledge of this influence is a mystery, science tries to define the events that occur such as earthquakes, drought, rain, through the cycles of Saros and the Metonic cycle.

But... in ancient times in the old magical knowledge, lunar sequences were identified and the way they affect luck, well-being, love, procreation, sexual gender, depending on the gestation phase a male or female is born. a female.

In this document, the basic knowledge of the lunar force is transmitted together with the different rituals that, according to the old religion, are carried out during the phases depending on the season in which they occur.

The same, the mystery that surrounds the eclipses, the strange ashen light in the nights of waxing quarter, the power of the waning or the force that unleashes the night of new moon.

In the same way, these influences govern the ovulation of women directly, knowledge reserved for witches and wizards, now within their reach.

Whoever harmonizes their life with the thirteen moons of the year, adapting to a lunar year different from the solar year, manages to obtain a continuous benefit, luck, better decisions, health, well-being.

In this book, the secret of lunar influence.

Title: Book The Phases of the Moon - The Magic of Selene

ISBN: 978-958-839-1304

Author: Omar Hejeile Ch.
Publisher: Wicca

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Darsy junilitte Duarte
No llego

Nadaaaaa de momento

Alvaro Rodriguez
Súper todo

Me encantó estoy aprendiendo día a día gracias a omar y a todos los que a podido compartir su sabiduría y su trabajo gracias por todo


No me ha llegado


Excelente libro , supera mis expectativas increíblemente muy bien detallado

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