Ophiuchus: Wu Lou Warrior Amulet

Ophiuchus: Wu Lou Warrior Amulet

Ophiuchus: Wu Lou Warrior Amulet

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One of the most powerful Chinese amulets, since ancient times used for healing the body and soul, the only one that regulates and harmonizes energies, opens the paths of Chi.

Fu Xi, the god of wisdom, seeing suffering, sought in his knowledge the art of understanding how to avoid agonies.

In the pumpkin seed a power was imprinted, that whoever uses it will light the flame within him, finding inspiration to know how he should do so that everything goes well for him.

This sacred Wu Lou, with a special perfume, open your paths, in health and prosperity.

Riches are worthless if the possessor struggles with sadness where there is no longer any hope.

Whoever carries it, must know that the power is released from within, it does not come from the outside, the Wu Lou, in some way projects what is needed to obtain happiness in living, this talisman regulates the energies of Chi, attracts what it does him good, and rejects what will cause him harm.

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