Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

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It is a concentrated extract obtained from the leaves of Rosemary and conjured and prepared in WICCA with the ancient formulas of the Witches. Its aroma is unmistakable: strong, refreshing and with a woody touch. Within esoteric cosmogony, it is believed that this oil is capable of trapping the essence of the sun and stars, giving it an energizing and revitalizing power.

Ancient witches and wizards used to collect rosemary leaves on full moon nights, assuring that the lunar dew that settled on the leaves enhanced their mystical properties.

What is it for?

Energy Cleaning:  Rosemary is a powerful purifier. By burning a few drops of its essential oil in a diffuser, you not only purify the environment, but you also chase away negative energies and promote an atmosphere of clarity and protection.

Mental Strengthening: In magic, Rosemary is said to enhance memory and mental clarity. A few drops on a tissue or subtly inhaled directly can help clarify the mind before performing rituals or important tasks.

Protection: If it is spread on doors and windows, it is a symbol of protection and is said to prevent the entry of negative energies.

Attract Love and Fidelity:  In the art of love, Rosemary is said to strengthen fidelity and true love. Adding a few drops to the bath or using it as a perfume can enhance attraction. For luck, apply 3 drops to the palms of your hands in the morning.

Physical Stimulant:  In ancient times, Rosemary had the power to rejuvenate. Today, in a more earthly perspective, it is known to improve circulation and tone up. Apply 6 drops to a bowl of water and do a balo from the knees to the feet.

Magic Rituals:

it has been a valuable tool for magical rituals since time immemorial. Ancient witches and wizards considered it an essential element in their alchemy and spells.

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