Unraveling the Mystery: Nocturnal Entities and Their Hidden Influence

1 comment Jan 31, 2024

The mystery of nocturnal entities has been a topic of fascination and fear throughout history. Have you ever felt a disturbing presence in the dark, or perceived shadows that seem to move on their own?

Wizards, Witches and Beyond The night has historically been the domain of mystical figures such as wizards, witches, vampires and werewolves. These beings, endowed with extraordinary abilities, are known for projecting their energetic double, a practice that blurs the line between the physical and the spiritual. We analyze fascinating stories and techniques such as yascpia, which uses mirrors as portals to other universes.

Astral Projection and Mirrors The phenomenon of astral projection is presented as a tangible reality within the esoteric world. Through mirrors, considered dimensional portals, forms of energy are revealed that transcend our usual perception. This ancestral knowledge opens the doors to understanding how energies from other planes can influence our daily reality.

1 comment

  • Olga López Hernández February 1, 2024 at 10:55 am

    Hola Omar 🪄 saludos interesante tema, en su momento me pasaba de ver sombra lo peor del tema q no te crean y un poquito difícil de como poder manejar este tipo de entidades no se si está vin dicho o sombras 👻una disculpa Omar o tener silencio por qué al final te terminan diciendo q estás loco o loca , mucho q decir en este tema.grasia

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