Candles of the three Moiras for Luck
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If you start a new job
if you have a wish
If you want to make a profit
If you start a new relationship
If you change your room
If you change jobs
if you need luck
If you want to close a cycle, a great decision that simultaneously frees you and initiates you from another destiny

Clotho: The Moira that extracts from the spinning wheel of life, the threads of destiny of everything that exists, frees existence, is the creator of destinies. Tuesday night Clotho's candle the spinner of destinations, to attract soul mates.

lachesis: In charge of weaving destinies, changing them, altering them, restless and playful, she transforms lives at will, to the point of entangling the threads and entangling the destinies, she is the mother of the magical Fate. Thursday at midnight, the Lachesis candle burns the Moira that gives luck.

atropos: The cruel one, annoyed with the entanglements of her sister Laquesis, uses the terrible razors to cut the threads and therefore cut the destinies. Saturday at sunset, Atropos, the Moira that lengthens or shortens life.

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