Buddhas of Wisdom candles, to start projects

Buddhas of Wisdom candles, to start projects

Buddhas of Wisdom candles, to start projects

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Born in ancient China as the moral code of Santai, this originates from the moral and ethical code of Confucius, not to see, not to hear, not to speak and meditate, then it mixes with other philosophical currents, Taoism, Buddhism, Shinto, etc.

All converge on the principle of meditation before action, allowing the inner energies or Chi to come into harmony to achieve progress and advancement.

You live facing the three situations, speaking, hearing, seeing, but little is meditated on, only when faced with complex or difficult situations, due to one of the above principles, something was done, because it was seen or heard, everything was altered because what was not due was said or heard, what was not convenient.

Bad luck is a word, good luck is too. Under these rules, the sacred candles of the principles allow to keep the energies stable, attracting the different vibrations and therefore the flow of Chi or power.

When you have to face complex situations where wisdom, luck and well-being are required, the corresponding candle, if you must speak, light the candle not to speak, this allows you to reflect and be clear about what you should or should not say.

If in your home or your life, there are constant arguments when you light the candle and meditate on what upsets you, you will find answers.

If you are going to do any future project , purchase, sale, travel, acquisitions, start a new relationship, do business, etc. Light the candle of not seeing, this allows you to "see" the invisible of the advantages or disadvantages of your decisions.
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