Money Attraction Genius Candle

Money Attraction Genius Candle

Money Attraction Genius Candle

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The Money Genius has several powers if he knows how to act with the moon.

It is worth remembering that on a full moon what you need to ask for, on that moon it does not light but leaves it to rest.

In the waning quarter, if you want to conquer wealth and material things, you turn it on so that it grants you the wish you long for and if you deserve it, you will have it.

On the nights of the new moon, the magical fire will be, ask it to grant you a special power, dominate or progress, if you need help to obtain well-being, it is the moon where the genius has to burn.

In the growing room, you must prepare it, think about your plans and projects, see what you want to achieve, think about your desires, you must not burn it. Leave it ready for the full moon that receives the influence with your wishes and then you have to burn it. You must remember that only one wish will grant you, you can if you want and so you need to turn it on more.

But don't harass him with requests, he will grant you nothing at your insistence.


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