Goblin of Wisdom Candle
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All wizards and witches, all who wish to know something , just like luck wants to obtain, this sacred leprechaun reveals what is kept, in a flash, he has the wisdom to show what is reserved and hidden that no one can know.

It does not speak in words, but it shows signs, it makes unreal things happen, to guide those who invoke it, responding to the concern, which is the path to follow, when in life you have to decide.

Do not interrogate him out of necessity, if you want to find out about betrayals, think carefully if you want to know, he will grant it to you anyway, but before doing it, test yourself so that you are not the one who is cheating.

If you want to obtain luck, ask for it with the certainty that it will reveal it to you, many things will happen that you cannot imagine, the way luck will come to your life.

If you want to obtain wisdom, analyze your dreams, you will have it.

There is a condition with this special being, for each wish granted, you must deliver seven candles, so that luck is multiplied by seven you will have more luck and magic that you will never lack, if you do not keep your promise do not try, Don't try the magic, you don't know what will happen.

This magical being can grant everything, let him show you what you want to know, magical things will happen, one after another the answer will give you, so you must read the signs, even if you do, you will soon know which path you will choose.

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