Shadow Candle - for when there is bad luck
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Shadow candles are a powerful resource when facing periods of bad luck and negative energies. These special candles are designed to help you dispel negativity and attract positive influences into your life.

When you light a shadow candle, you are invoking ancient magic to transform and transmute the negative energies around you. The candle acts as a beacon that dispels the darkness and draws light and positivity towards you.

Use the shadow candle in your rituals or moments of meditation to cleanse your space of any negative energy and restore a state of balance and harmony. Its flame will illuminate your path and guide you to good luck and well-being.

Whether you are going through a period of bad luck, facing obstacles or simply wanting to ward off negative energies, the shadow candle can be your ally on the path to transformation and attracting positive energies.

Don't let bad luck get to you, light a candle from the shadows and let its magic work for you. Get rid of negative influences and allow good fortune to enter your life. Discover the power of the shadow candle and start attracting the positivity you deserve!

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Que la encendí reciente y pienso que necesito darle el tiempo necesario para que empiece a fluir, hace apenas unos días encendí

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