Zodiac and Destiny Book - Signs and Inter signs

Zodiac and Destiny Book - Signs and Inter signs

Zodiac and Destiny Book - Signs and Inter signs

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⇒Discover seasonal astrology. You will see how the seasons and the phases of the moon appear to the signs of the zodiac.

Know the characteristics of the signs and Inter signs, their ruling element, their favorable metal. Discover what is your protective stone, its color and favorable numbers, your numerical cabal, the best days, dates, and hours, the influence and destiny according to your sign or Inter sign of the zodiac.

⇒Since the beginning of civilization, man has looked at the stars looking for an answer to the future of life, trying to understand THE HEAVENLY ORACLE, trying to discover the signs of the future.

⇒There is nothing radical in nature, everything has a smooth flow, that is why there are Inter signs. They are the midpoints, where those born on these dates have unique qualities, the smooth transition between one and the other.

⇒This book will show you the cosmic power that influences your life. It will help you KNOW YOURSELF.

Omar Hejeile is one of the most prestigious investigators of paranormal phenomena in all of Latin America. Through Editorial Wicca, he has published numerous best-selling books that have influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. He is the founder of Radio Kronos and the Wicca school of magic, fundamental references in their field in the Hispanic world. It has lasted 45 years on radio programs on different topics related to parapsychology, occult sciences, metaphysics, magic, witchcraft, UFOs, rituals, mysteries, reflections and other topics from the world of the paranormal.

He has collaborated with numerous Colombian radio stations such as Todelar, Radio Super, RCN, Caracol, Blu Radio, Los 40 Principales, La W; and television channels such as Canal Infinito, Canal 1 and Caracol TV; also with international portals such as the BBC and RT.

For more than four decades Omar Hejeile radio has made a series of predictions of world events weekly in the reading of the oracle and horoscope. It has incredibly announced the 2011 Japan earthquake, the death of artists like Robin Williams, Paul Walker, Jenny Rivera, Kobe Bryant, etc. Attacks in Paris, USA, the resignation of the Pope, the election of President Trump, the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines plane, plane crashes, disasters and many predictions that have marked humanity, all of them recorded in Radio programs Kronos and on the Wicca School of Magic YouTube Channel.

In the same way, Omar Hejeile alleges some type of communication with "Friends from above" that suggests extraterrestrial contacts.

Title: Zodiac and Destiny Book - Signs and Inter signs

ISBN: 978-958-839-1533
Author: Omar Hejeile Ch.
Publisher: Wicca

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