Egyptian Tarot Book - The Sacred Book of Thoth, Egyptian Wisdom
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Immerse yourself in the deep knowledge of ancient Egyptian wisdom with the sacred book of Thoth, the original Tarot. This oracle not only predicts, but grants powers over the world to those who possess it.
In "Egyptian Tarot - The Holy Book of Thoth", you will find the Tarot in its original state, as it was captured on the walls of ancient temples. The symbols added by time have been removed, thus revealing the pure essence of this ancient divinatory art.

Explore the history of Egyptian magic and learn the art of living, tapping into arcane secrets, and mastering the infinite cycle of life and death. Each sheet of this book narrates events, gods, states of the soul and doors of the Amduat, revealing the magical secrets of the goddess Isis.
Don't miss the opportunity to discover the first tarot and unleash the limitless force of ancient magic and wisdom. Click now and embark on a fascinating journey into the world of the Egyptian Tarot. Unveil ancient secrets and acquire the power to interpret this mystical oracle.

IMPORTANT: this book comes without the Tarot Cards, the Deck is sold separately.

Title: Egyptian Tarot - The Holy Book of Thoth, Egyptian Wisdom

ISBN: 978-958-839-1731

Author: Omar Hejeile Ch.
Publisher: Wicca

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