The Witches' Magic book

The Witches' Magic book

The Witches' Magic book

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Since ancient times, the unlimited power of nature reveals its arcana.

Old enchantment rituals, hidden powers of transformation, spirits of nature that deliver the strength of fertility and renewal.

The Magic of the Witches it is a treasury of old rituals, a power available to all, both to create a ritual of influence, and to avoid the influences of other rituals.

Today with the rebirth of the old religion, ancient knowledge is used as a bulwark of everyday life, watchtowers of protection, spells from the secret language of magical traditions.

This book has magical power, the force of creation, the wisdom of enchanted prayers, the mere act of possessing it is already a magical amulet, when you open any page a secret oracle will deliver the ritual you need.

On full moon nights, if you leave this grimoire under your pillow, the zephyrs in dreams will reveal unimagined secrets to you, power is here and now.

Title: Book The Magic of Witches
ISBN: 978-958-8391-32-8
Author: Omar Hejeile Ch.

Editorial: wicca
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