Witches soap for cleansing energies
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The magical power of the witches contained in the soaps, the essences and sacred aromas, are mixed to produce the perfect vibration.
Prepared, under the influence of the moon on special dates, where the spells activate their hidden powers.

Although they may seem common, the power is self-contained, by mixing the elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water, just as the witches did to make the "Cleanses of Beauty and energies"

These, both for men and women, are altered with daily life, when sweating, the natural oil collects and concentrates the vibrations of the alterations, producing strange humors and odors.

It is when the person says they feel "heavy" it is not the body weight, but the energy charge that ends up making them sick, a non-physical fatigue, a feeling of discomfort and listlessness.

Although commercial scented soap removes body oil, does not clean the energies, when using a witch soap, the difference is felt a few seconds after bathing.

You can get any handmade soap of any natural essence available

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