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In ancient times, three powerful warriors commanded the Chinese armies, Qin Shi Huang, possessed powers that were not of this world, the stories tell that he brought with him three powerful warriors, with great powers to whom the construction of the tomb of Huang, a tomb that will hardly be opened, is full of secrets that humans cannot and are not prepared to know.

The three Augustus of Chinese culture

天皇 Tiānhuáng , Heavenly.地皇 Dìhuáng , Earthly.泰皇 Taihuang , Peace. The three greatest powers, they founded the entire society, created the armies, taught the occult sciences, also known as the warriors of the soul.

These magical and sacred objects have similar qualities, the vibration inside will make you feel more comfortable with any of them, their use should be prudent and wise, only at times when you really require it.

These objects are limited edition, are delivered only once, have been prepared according to the tradition of the Tao on the Lunisolar dates.

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