Book of Shadows - The Journal of Witches and Wizards (Softcover)

Book of Shadows - The Journal of Witches and Wizards (Softcover)

Book of Shadows - The Journal of Witches and Wizards (Softcover)

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In the world of magic, the force of knowledge and learning transcends the borders of time and space, a magic book that increases its strength to the extent that wisdom is embodied in it. Granting the strength hidden in the rituals, spells and incantations, every witch and wizard build with their experience in THE BOOK OF SHADOWS, it is there where in the sacred symbols of magic , true magic comes to life. The sacred power in your hands BOOK IN FULL COLOR.

Contains Witches' alphabet, the language of shadows
Includes moon diary for record of symptoms, physical, mental states, in aspects of luck, love, health, money, signs, changes and others magical events according to each moon phase.

magic leaves sheets decorated in full color with sacred symbols to write their rituals, recipes, prayers and more practices of Magic and Witchcraft.
Contains basic concepts of witchcraft for initiates, (Management of shadows, Spells, management of elements; fire, earth, air, water, Seasons of the year, Hours to perform magic, Phases of the Moon and rituals to perform in each one, and lunar influence)

The Diary has been conjured according to the ancient tradition so that all what is written in this diary of witches and wizards become a magical power .

When you finish filling it with your Magic writings you can acquire others and form a magical sequence of the journals of the Witches and Wizards made by your magical knowledge.

Attach the Candle of the shadows with which , in each full moon when writing their rituals, spells, etc. should turn on

Softcover and color edition

Title: Book of Shadows - The Journal of Witches and Wizards (Softcover)

ISBN: -13 978-958-839-1687

Author: Omar Hejeile

Publisher: Wicca

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