Ophiuchus: God Paoxi Chinese Culture
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The Paoxi treasure, as this powerful Chinese amulet is known, used as a key ring, pendulum, mobile or pendant, has three elements of great magical power, the celestial stone, the Chinese coin, and the bag of fortune and wealth .

In addition to this from the magic of nature, come the sacred grains of abundance that must be watered in places where prosperity is to be attracted, the shining oil must be used by applying a drop inside the shoes when it is needed go well, in situations that require luck and power.

To keep a job apply a drop on the floor of your workstation and look over it for a few minutes.

If you need money to come into your life, you should discreetly go to a place where it abounds, bank, finance, business, etc., drop a drop and it appears on top of it for a few minutes, but when you leave that place you should leave with his back turned, crossing the threshold of the door, he turns around without looking back.

The flashing power causes you to arouse a strong attraction to what you want, this, together with the Paoxi treasure, is an excellent complement to attract luck and happiness.

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