Mandrake Essential Oil
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This plant has been associated with magical practices since ancient times. Its root, which often takes a humanized form, is especially valued in the esoteric world.

Mandrake essential oil has been conjured and prepared in WICCA, it carries in its essence the raw power of this mystical plant.

Magical Properties of Mandrake Essential Oil:

Luck: The mandrake is traditionally known as a plant of magical powers. To perform rituals and magical spells, also for abundance and luck.

Magic Enhancer: Mandrake essential oil acts as a magical amplifier. Adding even a few drops to a spell or ritual can greatly increase its power.

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Hola , Estoy muy feliz de aver encontrado este canal e estado buscando por algún tiempo algo con lo que me sintiera identificada, y lo e encontrado aquí .

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