Rituals of Tuesday the 13th and Friday the 13th for 2024

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It is not something to believe, but to know, the mystery that the number 13 contains has accompanied humanity since the time of Pythagoras, a number that contains mysteries, tragedies, omens and omens.

The dodecahedron based on the double of the perfect number, 6, represents the forces of perfect unity, 13 breaks that unity, hence triscaidekaphobia is born. In other words, the terror that this number represents. So much so that in ancient times it was avoided in buildings, premises, airport hangars, etc., as it was considered a fateful and bad luck number.

NASA, despite its scientific advances, has to its credit a prevention with 13. A story that leaves traces of its strange influence.

Apollo 13 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia On April 13, 1970, two days after its release. Apollo 13 suffered a terrible explosion. Apollo 13, on April 13, the time it occurred 21:13:00 UTC. «Coordinated Universal Time» Strange event that frames the number 13.

There are thousands of examples of harmful influences that portend destruction, however, they bring good omens; Apollo 13, despite having everything against it, managed to return the astronauts safe and sound.

This date opens doors with the unknown, unexpected events, earthquakes, destruction, separations, death. But, in the same way, it opens doors to new cycles, progress, changes, success , discoveries.

Apparently 13 is a fragile line that destroys and builds at the same time. Within the world of magic or old religion, the cycles of thirteen have been considered. The year 2024 has the cycle of 4. Taking into account that in China the number 4 is considered equally fateful. Tuesday February 13, Tuesday August 13, Friday September 13, Friday December 13 . Four 13 in leap year, 2024, whose sum is 8 or double 4. In Asia, a year of bad luck or a cycle of great transformations.

Although it is still disturbing, it also has the omens of renewal. Now magically recognized as the number of death in ancient tarot cards, death is linked with the number 13, doom.

Thirteen represents betrayal, fatality, death, changes and the beginning. That is why during the 13th the ancient witches and wizards recommend.

      • Water 13 small piles of rice in 13 corners as a symbol of protection.
      • Leave 13 coins in front of the entrance door, a way to pay the lucky obolus so that bad energy does not arrive.
      • Wear the sock inside out that day.
      • Do not commit or start business on that date.
      • Avoid making plans, weddings and commitments as much as possible.
      • Wearing underwear inside out.
      • Cover the mirrors.
      • Ensure that you can challenge luck and tempt it.
      • You should not visit cemeteries on that date, death can strike.
      • Use the number 666 as an amulet. The perfect triad of the number 6 to attract luck and fortune and avoid fatality.
      • Clean your home with the seven bitter and seven sweet plants to attract good luck during the 13th day.
      • You should think very carefully before acting during that day. Temptations come with more force, inducing actions that will later become problems.
      • Decisions that must be made in a 13, if possible, should be postponed.
      • Using earth soap creates protection from doom.
      • Irrigation and baths in homes or workplaces help block energies.

The number 13 has accompanied humanity since the beginning. Pythagoras, the great Greek mathematician almost 3000 years ago, was already afraid of 13. He considered that the 12-sided polyhedron or decahedron represented the symbol of the universe and 13 represented destruction. Since that time this number has been considered of great power in the world of magic. However, it is recommended not to push your luck. Although you are free to consider what you want.

Whether it is an omen or an omen, history is full of strange events. Destructive processes that open the doors to new alternatives. If this topic you think others should know about, you are free to share it. As a suggestion, avoid tempting fate. The magical Fate, legends say, acts more intensely.


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