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  • Mandrake
  • Holy Incense Essence
  • shadow candle
  • Tibetan necklace

The wheel of a thousand prayers a powerful Tibetan talisman, for

millennia it has been used by monks, not only to harmonize energies but to radiate the power of the mind, the physical world has different vibrations. some harmful ones that destroy the auric field, the monks versed in the two worlds created the solar wheel of a thousand prayers, a strong protector of both spiritual and physical energies, in the same way the use of beads or Japa Mala, allows concentration, in moments of mental alteration, it is taken in the hands and the spheres of the accounts are passed one by one, allowing to place the mind in harmony, when having a thousand prayers the images or Yantras will appear, geometric symbols that will allow you to enter into deep meditation and harmony. This will undoubtedly attract well-being, the power of luck, love and happiness into your life, it depends on your emotional state, this talisman grants that power.

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