Ophiuchus: Witch's Lightning Potion
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This sacred oil conjured by witches has the strength of the spell that produces the influence for a wish to come true.

It is the one that attracts the lunar silver rays to enchant, gives shine and magic to whoever applies it on their back, its power is so strong that everyone surrenders to it, both women and men can open doors, or find love that soon they have to come

They still attract fortunes, riches and pleasure, it is the secret of witches so that everything goes well, but you must know something, with this magic potion many things can happen, temptations will come into your life that can do you harm, for That is why you must choose carefully what you are going to decide.

Everything in magic has cons to avoid evil, so before using it magically you must clean your hands, it is very important that they should be groomed, if your nails are dirty and withered, you will damage everything.

symbol of the goat, magical necklace used by witches and wizards, for protection in magical operations, or attraction of the powers of nature, it is normally used, when power is needed, or to wish to reach a spell, this necklace should not be used during sunny hours, and should not be displayed, it is a talisman of sacred power.

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