Ofiuco : Natural stone insurances

Ofiuco : Natural stone insurances

Ofiuco : Natural stone insurances

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Carnelian, and Tiger's Eye

The stone or sacred ara of the witches, the queens of the gems of the magical world.

Desired by all, women and men, who have heard of its fantastic power.

Some gems that, when magically activated, become one of the most coveted protection amulets, but this protection goes to the astral universe where negative vibrations nest like larvae.

Its strong vibration harmonizes the energy field or aura, this being the first to be altered when there are destructive influences.

It is the only element that acts in a similar way in the world of dreams, where there is no protection against envy, witchcraft, curses, bad luck, etc.

For more testimonies that exist, each person who uses it lives incredible experiences of unknown events that regulate existence.

Witches and wizards recommend the use of amethyst and magical carnelian, this means that it is conjured according to the rituals of the Earth element.

Unleashed power enables success, long life, love and happiness.

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