Ophiuchus: Witches Horns
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The horns of darkness, the most precious amulet for witches, wizards cannot use it, unless they give it to them, a little attention is the perfect number is the number 6, represented on each of the horns, two that point to to the perpetual balance of magic, light and darkness, love and hate, wealth and poverty, ebb and flow, advance and retreat, etc., witches by using this amulet maintain power, in balance, avoiding taking the arts to extremes destructive of magic.

It should be used in moments of solitude when no ritual is being carried out, with the aim of annulling the terrible "Law of the inverted effect". The moments of solitude of a witch are the most dangerous when the mind changes polarity and becomes It can sink into deep abysses, in the same way, being serene this allows it to recognize energy infestations.

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