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💫 Read the directions carefully!
Thank you for entering the magical consultation with Omar Hejeile, please read all the content, remember you are about to open a door that will probably change your life, your environment, and your destiny.

💡IMPORTANT In consultation, the Oracle or the tarot is NOT read, the consultation is purely for guidance.
It is not guessing things in the future, your future depends exclusively on the actions you perform in the present.

The session does not have a set duration, it depends on each type of consultation, you cannot ask about other people, such as family members, friends, etc., depending on their personal situation in the past and their experiences must be very specific. It is important to clarify that: IF YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING IN YOUR LIFE... THERE IS NO DESTINY.

In the event that you have bad energy, witchcraft or other types of infestations either due to your actions or imposed by other people. This consultation does not cover treatments.

It is important that you have listened to the programs for at least three months. So please, we strongly request that you do not recommend these readings, it is better that you suggest that they listen to the program.

IMPORTANT, One thing is what you consider and another is the advice's response, which sometimes is not what you want to hear. THE ORACLE IS NOT COMPLICY with your desires, whims, reasons, etc., you must be open to looking at the different options.

If you want to perform some type of specific ritual, against the freedom of another person, such as... bindings, garters, witchcraft, ties, revenge, negative influences, voodoo, working with the dead, I DO NOT DO THIS TYPE OF RITUALS. ..and I don't recommend them, because of the damage you can cause to yourself.

Removing bad energies, doing cleansing, changing your destiny, transforming your life, is not something that can be done in a short time. If you do not comply with the follow-ups and recommendations, what has been executed is lost. Now, the costs of changing your destiny or cleansing your life of bad energies can be high, this is because of the risk that the magician runs of becoming infested.

❌There is NO MONEY REFUND, in this you must understand the time, technology, knowledge, that has been available to your service, if by clicking you accept that you have read and agree.

Reading the oracle is something please DO NOT DO OUT OF CURIOSITY, you must have a reason to do it otherwise the oracle does not speak to foolishness and you will lose your investment.


For the consultation, it is recommended to take notes, in a comfortable place, where you can express your feelings without pressure from anyone. We are not responsible if you make the consultation in the company of another person and compromising situations are highlighted in the oracle, remember it is just your life, the consultation will be carried out through a video call via WhatsApp which indicates that you must have good internet coverage. .


I'M NOT DOCTOR... Your comments about illnesses must be supported by a visit to a health professional, with that in mind the suggestions that are given from the magical world to help overcome any ailment... AT NO TIME DO THEY REPLACE your medical treatment, in the event that Your illness does not have a defined pathology or study, assuming a magical illness or witchcraft, you must provide previous medical studies.

For legal reasons, minors will be cared for in the company of their parents, so do not insist.

Bad-tempered, rude, or upset people will not be attended to.

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