Ophiuchus: Nefertiti's bracelet
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What is it?

Egyptian culture, the world and the underworld, the Tarot or Thot book, the great magical powers, a universe of secrets and great powers.

Nefertiti, the goddess, the great and wise, legends say that she was the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten the powerful, but it was she who ruled the kingdom.

Knowing the profound wisdom of the god Thot, plus the powerful magic rituals of the goddess Isis, she managed to transform the kingdom.

His power was so great that his body was never found. There are thousands of stories about the magical events of the Amduat or underworld. According to old legends, she helped Isis with the upbringing of the god of Horus, who eternalized her between the two worlds.

It is said: That women who are devoted to their existence will achieve the ancestral knowledge of the power to dominate.

This is how the Nefertiti bracelet was born, worn through millennia by the great queens, famous women, with positions of importance, this bracelet has had some magical meaning to keep its power alive.

What is it for?

The testimonies speak for themselves, thousands of people; women and men, have used the enchanted bracelet, mostly tarot readers, although people who do not read it can also use it, it is worth remembering that the wise god Thoth, knowledgeable of sacred secrets, left the wisdom of creative power, for whom know how to discover its secrets.

By wearing the bracelet and, if the vibration is channeled into the desire to know, inspiration comes, in the way you least expect.

It is what has resulted in the great wisdom obtained by those who use it, apparently, it is a connector between the material world and spiritual wisdom.

By having wisdom and knowing how to act, without a doubt luck, happiness, wealth, love, etc., you will know how to maintain and influence the lives of others, dominated without being, dominated.

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