Book The Power of Menstruation, The Philosopher's Stone, The Fifth Element

Book The Power of Menstruation, The Philosopher's Stone, The Fifth Element

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This book is a historical treatise on Greek culture, on the profound capacities of women, based on the lunar influence, from which the menstruum or lunar month is born. Later related to the menstrual cycle .

A book that opens the doors to a different knowledge, free of taboos, known today by science as "Seasonal Dysphoric Syndrome"

The Moon and Menstruation
The lunar influence, in the menstruation, produces the release of unknown capacities, both mental and physical, the true "Empowerment" of women

The search for sacred power, wealth and eternal youth, in The Philosopher's Stone and the sacred spring, the two unified in The fifth element fundamental of life, through these pages, you will be able to discover the magical secret that possesses them.

All cultures in ancient times knew and understood the power that women possess naturally.

But, with the appearance of the church, they were annulled by the imposition of concepts, limitations, creating condemnations and even contempt, against their own nature.

Menstruation became a Taboo, the vast majority of women are unaware of the power they possess, the ability to act and transform destinies.

In ancient times, those who used that power were condemned for witches , burned at the stake, annulled, subdued, for being women.

Laws, dogmas and decrees were created so that women would always be in the shadow of men, something that has happened for more than two thousand years.

This document more than a book, is a treatise on ancient magic and witchcraft, which shows, teaches, vindicates the power implicit in each woman, discover the influence of the moon on menstruation and rituals secrets of power that can be realized.

Undoubtedly, by reading it, you will discover the magical force it possesses, the way to empower yourself and discover that women can reach wherever they want without limits.

The magical power of the menstruation, the force of thought, the knowledge of nature and the rituals that transform destiny.

Do not read this book if you do not want to change your life, this magic grimoire will transform your mind, it will make you see the unlimited power you possess.

Title: Book The Power of Menstruation, The Philosopher's Stone, The Fifth Element

ISBN : 978-958-8391-1458
Author: Omar Hejeile
Publisher: Wicca

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Olga Mata

Muy buenos libros y rituales


Maravilloso 🤩🧙‍♀️✨


El conocimiento que tiene este libro es increible. Muy recomendado.


Buenisimo I like


Is good for me

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