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What is it?

Within the world of magic, a powerful necklace amulet stands out, the power of the goddess, it is the force of nature condensed in a special stone.


Also known as the blue ray of the sun, symbol of the power of gestation, being lightning it is used by witches and wizards as a pendant of strength and fertility.

It has some strange qualities, such as a protector, it heats up or changes color when strange energies or forces from other dimensions are perceived.

It attracts and subjugates whoever looks at it, increases the irradiation of the aura or magnetism, induces good fortune and multiplication.

What is it for?

It is one of the most used aras or stones not only in magic, but also by royalty, in the crowns of kings and queens, turquoise occupies a fundamental place, either as protection, not only for a person, but for a whole kingdom.

Known for its power by witches and wizards, it passed to the empires, since ancient times it has been used in staffs, brooches, crowns, swords, shields, amulets and talismans.

Magically, it possesses a vibration of strong intensity, giving its owner vibrations that increase the strength of thought. Witches and wizards carried it to perform transformation rituals, attract and reject.

Additionally, the vibrations of the gem make the thought “enter” an ideal state of relaxation, which allows clarity of thoughts when making transcendental decisions.

How is it used?

In the world of magic, its use is considered one of the ideal altars for those who perform rituals, the energy emanated covers those who use it with strength, luck, clairvoyance, and inspiration.

It should be worn hanging around the neck or strung on the staff of witches and wizards, this old ritual taken from the old grimoires, shows the power of the enchanted forests, home of witches and wizards.

  • To activate and use this power, the attached elements are those that allow its use in the magical arts, as well as providing luck and protection.

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Juan Mendez


Angela Penagos Penagos

Es algo increíblemente hermosa!!! Cómo todos los productos ✨✨✨✨

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