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In the universe of magic, a witch or wizard must always have the sacred chalice on their altar, this is the representation of the womb of life, where symbolically water is transformed into blood or the fifth element.

Outside of this, it is the place where the elements used in magical operations are purified, it has great power and the more it is used, the more strength it acquires.

The chalice of life is the reminder of death, mutations and transformations, this object of sacred worship, symbolizes the ephemeral and temporary of existence, induces to live fully, is the consecration of life and permanent memory for Take advantage of your time in the sun.

This chalice previously conjured to the water element, has the same virtues of the ancient chalices where magic and life are forged.

All religions use the chalice, unfortunately many have removed the true value of life for luxury objects. Even the Knights Templar used King Arthur's chalice, turning it into the Holy Grail, full of supernatural powers.

In the world of vampires, the chalice represents the womb of life, where ancient Gnostics defined menstruation as the fifth element of magic.

This magical object can come to you in any model of its symbology.

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