Ophiuchus: Symbol of power Valknut
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What is it?

The sacred symbol of the Viking gods, a religion taken to northern Europe, where it is syncretized with the old religion.

Fusing the principle of the sacred three of the Celtic triqueta, with the eternal knots of power.

These simultaneously represent life or death. But, the witches by unifying the sacred power by mixing the magical rue collected on the nights of the new moon, where the wise is concentrated in the root.

They made this amulet the perfect key to bind and unleash spells, incantations, incantations and all magical operations.

An object of high energy power that must be used with prudence.

How is it used?

Basically, it is used as a pendulum of power, which is passed over the head of the person you want to tie... you can tie luck, wealth, fortune, travel, feats and all desires that do not involve or impose to another being

This creates a "Power Knot" with the attracted, which lasts for a season, having more power at the highest point and decaying as the season ends.

Thus, if you want wealth, it is done when the person or whoever owns it takes valuable objects or something representative according to what you want and passes the amulet around your head and hands, creating an energy bond. Which, lasts only one season or three full moons or three months, the power of the triqueta.

To unleash?

What is unleashed?

Bad luck, poverty, spells, bad influences, misfortune, misfortune, everything that a person can have attached. But, this is high risk, what is released must go somewhere, if you do this to help someone, you must receive a payment, a part must be given to people in need.

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