Ophiuchus: Magic Potion of Darkness
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The sacred potion of witches a magical power.

  • What is it for

This potion should be used to amplify and have greater power when performing any magic ritual. It is not cleaning, but it is recommended that before using it, a stripping and magical cleaning must be carried out, removing the energies of other rituals so as not to contaminate the new one.

  • how to use

At the time of performing a magic ritual, whether or not it is accompanied by a prayer, spell or decree, which are found in the books, Magical Prayers, Spells and Decrees, Power Spells or Magic Mischief, the witch or wizard must moisten the magical elements with the potion, in this way, the ritual that you execute will increase the power of the intention, it is recommended to use it constantly, in the same way it is used to increase perception when casting spells.

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