Ophiuchus : Tibetan Household Grinder
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This sacred object began the use of the Air element that protects and attracts, the three lucks, Health, Money and Love, during the millennia the monks, while pronouncing the Sutras, rotated the mill to attract and unite their thoughts with the cosmos, in To the extent that the incense was offered to life, the smoke transforms the energies, changing altered moods to a pleasant state of peace.
By moving the pinwheel or touching it, the thought or desire is transformed into a force of attraction, within its power from which stories of mental creation are born, is the Sutra that must always be pronounced... "ask the eternal cosmos, what truly need" never abuse your request or allow greed to get to...

Let the power flow, its single vibration is linked with your personal need.

For the Purchase of this Grinder, you get additional as a gift the sacred oil of fairies and wishes!

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