Ophiuchus: Solar Chest
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Since ancient times where witches learned to be governed by the seasons, the solar basket has been one of the most used elements in magical operations.

In ancient times, witches discovered that the sun's rays could be trapped through perfumes and the solar chest, something that was also used in Egyptian culture.

The power of the sun trapped in the chest is the light that displaces the darkness and therefore the beings of darkness, every witch or wizard must always learn every day when starting their magical operations or anyone who requires protection. to create a barrier against the inhabitants of the night.

What is it for?

The universe is dual, there is the division between light and darkness, good, bad, attracting, distancing, lighting or darkening, etc.

The energy that covers each person, aura, perispirit, magnetic field, halo, etc., is highly vulnerable to the irradiation of altered energies that infest it, changing its vibration.

No one is exempt from being influenced, envy, jealousy, discord, evil eye, witchcraft, curses, the fury of a displeasure can break the protection field, allowing other altering energies to enter, damaging life.

Since ancient times, kings, emperors, "like the Egyptians" shipowners, always carried the necklace with the solar chest, queens, princesses, "today great executives" use solar protection pins or necklaces.

Along with the purification sands and oil of the power of the deer that complete this powerful ritual.

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