Sweet Plant Soap: To Attract Luck, Love and Prosperity

Sweet Plant Soap: To Attract Luck, Love and Prosperity

Sweet Plant Soap: To Attract Luck, Love and Prosperity

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🌱 Sweet Plant Conjured Soap , when used alone. A daily bath should be performed until the product is finished. 🌱

  • 🌱 When you want a business to happen.
  • 🌱 When a new project or plan is started.
  • 🌱 When a new relationship starts.
  • 🌱 When you meet someone you want to attract.
  • 🌱 When an important response is expected. (Visa, employment, promotion, etc.)
  • 🌱 After a news of happiness.
  • 🌱 When planning a trip.
  • 🌱 When a change of housing or city is made.
  • 🌱 By acquiring something new for your life.
  • 🌱 Yes, you want to attract luck and happiness.
  • 🌱 Yes, profit is desired.
  • 🌱 When harmony is required.

To make baths for places. 🌿 🌱

Depending on the size of the place, half or a quarter of the two soaps (Sweet and Bitter 🌿 🌱 ) , which are placed in a pot with warm water, stirred until they dissolve. Then we proceed to run the bath throughout the room.

Yes, the desire is to constantly maintain luck, its use is recommended on Mondays and Fridays in the hours of dawn. Or if you wish, you can use them daily, in places, every day, the energies are altered for different reasons.

Just as you use a daily soap to remove sweat and dead cells from your body, rarely cleans your energy field of negative influences, altered mental states, sexual encounters, energies that stick in different places, transportation, offices , waiting rooms, toxic people, unwanted encounters, etc.

The constant use of magical soaps allows you to feel free, apart from the fact that they are an excellent protection against altering energies.

Customer Reviews

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jose ramos
Jabón de plantas dulces

Me encanta es bueno que cambio desde el primer día de uso



Mariela Villegas

Muchas gracias me siento nueva con ese jabón


Buena ayuda

Super contenta mil gracias 👻

Positivo se siente la diferencia lo recomiendo ,
Lo volveré acomprar.

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