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Oracle Predicted the Shocking Death of Sebastián Piñera

Sebastián Piñera fallece: expresidente de Chile muere en accidente de helicóptero | Predicción Muerte

Omar Hejeile |

The recent tragedy that shocks Chile and, by extension, all of South America, was anticipated with chilling precision by the oracle of Omar Hejeile, in his prediction program, spoke of a significant mourning that would come to the region, specifically mentioning the minute 26:26 of its broadcast on February 2, 2024 on networks , days before former Chilean president Sebastián Piñera met a tragic end in a plane crash on February 6.

The oracle said minute  26:26 : " Chile too and this is going to lend itself so that this week South America, which will have a great mourning, the mourning continues, do not remember that three paths of death were opened, death always comes in three"

The news of the death of Piñera , who was traveling in a helicopter he owned that crashed into the waters of Lake Ranco, has shaken not only the Chilean nation but also leaders and citizens throughout South America. The former president's press office confirmed the event, announcing the national mourning that will follow this loss. However, what adds a layer of mystery and wonder to this already tragic situation is the connection with the words of Hejeile, who warned of "three paths of death" and anticipated "pretty dark weeks" for the region.


Te escucho desde hace muchos años y todo lo q dices es real .
Q ser tan maravilloso nos dio el universo al tenerte a ti gracias gracias gracias. 👻 👻

Nidia Girlesa ,

La pérdida q anuciaste fue real . Como todo lo q dices llevo mucho tiempo escuchándote
Que sabiduría tan hermosa te dio el universo. gracias gracias gracias

Nidia Girlesa ,

Verídico muchas cosas pasan Acertado omitar gracias 👻👻👻

Milena Hernández ,

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